Douglas A. Wright is a fiction writer, journalist, and screenwriter living in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been supported by the Bread Loaf Writers Conference and Tin House Summer Workshop. He was the runner-up for the Nancy D. Hard Grove Editor’s Prize in Fiction 2021 and his stories have appeared (or are forthcoming) in Jabberwock Review, Quagmire Literary Magazine, Vestal Review, Oyster River Pages, Fictive Dream, The Offbeat, and Popular Science among others. He is the founding editor of EXCERPT, a lit art magazine for emerging fiction, film, music, and performance (excerptmag.com). 

Douglas began his career as a small-town New England reporter, covering rural life in the Maine woods. For the past fifteen years, he has worked in the NYC media industry as a freelance writer, travel editor for Conde Nast, creative director, and speechwriter. He holds an MFA in Fiction & Screenwriting from Queens University of Charlotte.

Douglas can be found via the interwebs at @mythosvsrobot (Twitter) and @mythosvstherobot (Instagram).

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