• Douglas A. Wright

Exit Strata est Morte… Long Live Exit Strata

Thank you to all the poets, fictionists, artists, musicians, and financial backers that made Exit Strata possible. It was a wild ride and we are forever grateful for your support.

The Exit Strata Editorial Corps has moved onto other ventures.

Douglas A. Wright & Jonathan Rose are working on solo fiction & film endeavors.

Lynne DeSilva-Johnson & Benjamin Wiessner have begun a new creative community project known as The Operating System.

For the original site and back issues of the magazine, please visit ExitStrata.com.

If you are looking for the Awesome Creators, 30/30/30 Poetry Month, [RE-CON]VERSATIONS, or Field Notes series, these web archives and other content have been moved to The Operating System: www.theoperatingsystem.org/category/community_content


Exit Strata was born out of our desire to produce an art/lit magazine — one that’s a Post-Modern take on the traditional literary magazine, presented like a revolving-door gallery on the page.

In our print issues, we strived to give equal attention to art and literature, often merging the two through collaboration between artists and writers… and also in recognizing the ultimately fuzzy boundaries between these (and all) creative “disciplines.”

Print!: Vol. 1 was published in Spring 2012. Print!: Vol. 2 was published in Winter 2013.

In April 2012, the web portal ExitStrata.com was launched as the online home for exclusive content from emerging artists, filmmakers, musicians, performers, and writers across a wide range of disciplines. Our poetry editor/managing editor/webmaster Lynne DeSilva-Johnson did fantastic job building a wonderful community of online contributors and producing weekly content and series such Awesome Creators, Field Notes, [RE-CON]VERSATIONS, and much more.

Thank you to everyone who came along with us on this amazing journey. We are forever grateful.


Douglas A. Wright – Founding Editor / Fiction Editor for Exit Strata